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Jimmy Everett
9/2/04 06:05 PM
Lake Fork Report [Post#: 1710 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork has been a little tough the last couple of days but still getting close to 20 fish a day but not many quality fish. We have a hi-pressure sitting on top of us and hasnt moved. The news is showing rain coming in this weekend and the fish should turn on big time. The lake level is right around normal pool. The water temp is around 83 degrees lake wide from north to south and the weather outside has been around 90 degrees for the high and a slight cool breeze through out the day.
I am starting the day out in 3-7 feet of water over grass beds on main lake points and flats. In these areas im throwing a storm chug bug in shad patterns and working it slowly over the grass and around the edges where it drops off to deeper water. Make sure you keep a fluke or a senko rigged weightless for the fish that come up and miss the bait. when one hits the bait if it misses it and doesnt come back right after that a nd hit it agian throw the fluke or senko right past where the bite was got and work it slow thru the area.
Wants the sun comes up and starts to bet down Im switching to a texas rigged 7 inch worm either a zoom u tail or a zoom mag ll. The better colors have been plum, blueberry, and watermelon. Fish these baits slow around the edges of the grass and any timber you find close to the edge of the grass. Use a lite weight and make sure you watch your line as the bait falls. On the fall is when some good bites are coming
Around mid-day this bite has slowed down and Im getting out on main lake humps, points, and ridges and carolina rigging a mark pack baby lake fork creature in watermeoln or texas rigging a 10 1/2 inch zoom ol monster worm in black red glitter or blueberry. Set your boat in 25 feet of water and throw these baits in to 18 feet and work it back slow. This is when Im catchung the bigger fish up to 8 pounds or so. Make sure you around some timber. They seem to be sticking tight to the trees so when you come in contact with trees make sure work work them slow and very well.
I think this is going to be a good weekend out on the lake since some rain is coming in. If you plan on coming out this weekend it should be good. If you would like to book a trip to Lake Fork for sept. or oct. I still have some dates open and I am starting to book crappie trips for this winter. You can call me at 903-765-3980 or visit me at and email me and we can set up some dates to get you out on the water to catch some fish. Good luck to those on the water this week.

Guide Jimmy Everett

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