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Jimmy Everett
10/24/04 10:30 PM
Lake Fork [Post#: 1762 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork has been producing good numbers of fish for the last week and looks to only get better as the weather and water temps drop. The water temp is around 74 degrees and has been for a while now but lets hope this rain will cool it down a little more, The bass are all over the lake right now and you can choose how you want to fish. Deep or shallow the bite has been good with anywhere from 20-35 fish being put in the boat daily.

I am starting the day in shallow water from 3-8 feet of water on main lake grass beds and main lake banks with lilly pads. The first hour Im out has been very good but slows somewhat after that. Fish the pads with a 5" Gary Yomamoto Senko in Watermelon. Texas rig these baits with no weight and fish them slow in and around the pads. Over the grass beds fish a 1/4oz or 3/8oz spin trap (rat-l-trap). burn these baits just over the grass and hold on cause they will crush it. This is a good pattern for numbers but dont be suprised when 3/4 of the fish you catch are under 10 inches. Its still fun but not what most come to Lake Fork for. When the bite slows down kick out to deeper water for the rest of the day.

Now for the rest of the day I have been fishing water on main lake humps, points, and ridges in 25-35 feet of water. You must use your electronics to find these fish and when you find them you will know. The baitfish , barfish, and bass will fill up your screen black. The first thing to do is throw a marker bouy out and fish the area very good. The more barfish bites you get the better. Dont set the hook on these fish as a bass will come and take it from them alot of times. This is how Im getting alot of my strikes. One good thing to do is take your spoons and tailkickers and cut them off and dont even throw them if you are really looking for bass. If your looking just to catch fish then either one is great. The two main things Im throwing have been a Zoom baby brush hog or a V&M 6" lizard in pumpkinseed or watermelon and dying the tail of each in chartruse dye. Carolina rig these with a 1oz weight and a 3 foot leader. Agian the more barfish bites the better just let them peck at it untill you get a hard pull and set the hook. The other bait that has been catching some good fish is a Zoom tiny fluke in any shad color. Drop shot these baits in the same area as the carolina rig with a leader of a foot inbetween your hook and weight.

I keep saying to stay out deep to get big fish and agian proved it Saturday when we boated 23 fish by 4:30pm and came in early so I could get pictures developed for my cleints. I fish a full day from sun up to sun down so for me it was early. Anyways Brian Dover from Austin, Texas caught a 25.5 inch 11.1 lb bass out of 32 foot of water while fishing with me. That is one of many 7+lb fish in october that I have had out of deep water. So if you want a big fish get way from the bank, the BIG fish arnt there 99% of the time on Lake Fork.

I still have some Novemner Dates open if anyone is interested in learning some deep water fishing. I can be reached at 903-765-3980 or emailed through My site also has new front pics and new pics from last few months in the photo album. Take a look if you like.

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