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5/14/01 00:57 AM
trout lures [Post#: 241 ] Reply to this post

We have a Wallmart in our area and years in the past I was buying lures from there and one that I favorite was the "Ugly Ducking" hand made of Balsa Wood which in the water it will float, but there some that designed to sink. This year I come to find out that they don't carry them, they were pulled and the clerks don't why they were! So, I asking if there is anyone out there can tell me where I can buy them. They were selling them for about $3.49 ea. Oh by the way I live in Mechanicsburg, PA area between Hershey and Gettysburg, PA to give you a point of reference.

6/30/01 02:10 AM
Re: trout lures new [Post#: 304 / re: 241 ] Reply to this post

pa fisherman--we have thousands of miles of trout streams in georgia and I have fished many times with a wide variety of lures.I my opinion the panther martin with a bright gold blade,black body with yellow dots will
outfish any trout lure.I have a few trout mounted,all caught off this lure,my best rainbow is 24" and 6 lbs.
I actually have worn out fellow anglers throwing spinner baits for bass using my panther martin only!
I have caught hundreds or more trout over a 30 year period --also I always take my trout tackle with me to florida
and have caught a variety of fish with this awesome lure.#6 is the biggest and best size.I am a civil war buff
and I believe there was a battle in your town?good fishing,

john stone

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