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4/28/01 01:22 PM
STELLWAGEN BANK,MA- Cod 4/26 [Post#: 213 ] Reply to this post

STELLWAGEN BANK, MA- Cod Fishing 4/26/01

Dennis West’s (Cranbury, NJ) annual 3 boat cod safari started out the week on B-Fast’s JANET B, HACKER and ALLIA. Monday’s fishing started off fast a furious in the shoal-water on the Bank’s southern end. Jigging is 80-120ft depth produced double-headers of scrod and market cod with a few pollock mixed in through most of the morning, while the tide was still running. The action slowed during the slack then pick right up again in the shoals after the tide-turn. Arlen Yothers from Souderton, PA experienced similar results fishing on Capt. Scott’s DECISIVE. Arthur O’Hanlon of Amity Harbor, NY, fishing as a fill-in on the JANET B as part of a “split-charter” with Dennis West’s group, called to say that this trip, his second this season, exceeded his personal best trip in March. Arm weary, he hopes to return to Stellwagen once more this year.

Tuesday’s charters were two “split-charters” on the JANET B and DECISIVE. Ray Berlin and friends from Monroe Township, NJ fished with Archie Brinson and friends from Danbury, CT on the DECISIVE.
Bob Steinman from Farmingdale, NY, Hank Marques from Franklin,MA, Steve Mallet of Weston, MA, Ted Burhans from Storrs, CT and Bill Cairns from Keansburg,NJ split the charter on the JANET B. Once again, the bite in the shoals was first thing in the morning. Sand eels were is such abundance with the cod feeding underneath them, that jigging was hardly necessary. Two fish jumped on the rigs as soon as they hit the bottom. Bob Steinman decided to modify his rig. He replaced the jig with a 16oz. sinker and rigged two teasers above the weight. He proceded to catch one double after another. The best fishing in the afternoon was on the eastern edge of the Bank a few miles to the north. Here again, the bait was stacked 15 feet off the bottom with codfish feeding voraciously below. Doubles of cod between 8 and 12 pounds came over the rails at such a rate that the mate had trouble keeping up with the anglers. Further, the captains called it a day with the bite still going on.

On Wednesday, Scott Prouty’s group from Thompson, CT, weathered-out twice before this season, decided to brave a less than favorable weather forecast. A fairly strong NW breeze whipped up the sea early in the day making fishing difficult. Unfortunately, the rough sea conditions took its toll on a few of the anglers. The remaining angler once again had good fishing in the shoal water, filling the boxes with 8 to 12 pound cod. The wind and sea slackened in the late morning, as forecasted, which improved the conditions resulting in the best fishing of the day.

Thursday’s “split-charter” on the JANET B, was treated to a spectacular whale show on the Bank. Multiple breaching humpback whales with pilot whales and white-sided dolphins coursing through the bait provided the entertainment. Jim Economos’s group from Lakeville, MA, Bob Rasinski from Balitmore, MD and Bob Steinman from Farmingdale, NY watched the show while jigging for cod on the middle bank shoals. Danny LaBanc and friends from Oakville, CT were also in attendance fishing on the DECISIVE. The shoals once again produced well in the morning and a few spots to the east in the deep-water were productive for 8-12 pound cod as well as pollock to 12 pounds. It appears that we will be fishing on Friday, however the forecast for Saturday looks ominous once again.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

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