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Capt Geo
6/13/11 01:47 PM
Cabo Fishing Report [Post#: 2934 ] Reply to this post

Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
June 6-12, 2011

WEATHER: While we had great weather for most of the week we did end on a blustery note. Friday night a little breeze started, nothing much at all and it was still nice on Saturday morning. Then all of a sudden on Saturday about mid-day the wind started to blow hard from the south. It did not take long for the whitecaps to come up. We had a little bump of a swell that made the surfers happy, a result of the short lived hurricane “Adrian” far to the south. Our nighttime lows for the week were mostly in the mid 70's while the daytime highs were in the mid to high 90's and the humidity ranged from 60% to 40%.
WATER: At the end of the week we had 80-81 degree water from the beach out to the 1,000 fathom line on the Cortez side of the Cape and around across the top of the San Jaime Bank on the Pacific side. Outside this warm water it dropped 3 or 4 degrees except on the Pacific side where the water to the north dropped to 72 degrees just off of the Bank. 40 miles to the west was another large temperature change where the water went from 72 to 64 degrees. Surface conditions were fair with small swells at the start of the week slowly growing larger and then the hard wind on Saturday really chopped things up in the afternoon.
BAIT: There was a decent availability on Caballito this week at the normal $3 per bait, some Sardinas were found in the Palmilla area at $25 a scoop and of course you could get frozen ballyhoo at $3 each.
BILLFISH: The concentrations of Striped Marlin that we had been finding up around the Destillidera area have moved once again and appear to have come a bit closer to us. During the middle of the week the move started and as often happens it coincided with their not eating once again. At the end of the week they became hungry again and if you found the fish (between the 1150 and the 95) and were pulling lures at the right speed (8.5 knots) then you got bit, but only on lures, very few fish were hooked on live bait. The color did not seem to matter, it was size (10-12 inches) and speed that got them going. Good catches at the end of the week were four or five releases per boat but the average was just two. There have been more reports of Blue Marlin but I have not heard of any Black Marlin yet.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: On again, off again fishing for Yellowfin Tuna was the way it worked this week. The open water fish we had been finding last week seemed to have moved on and we have been finding fish at the end of the week only with Porpoise. Well, not entirely true, there are still a few unassociated fish out there, but not the numbers we were seeing last week. Reports I have heard have been that the Los Frailles and north in the East Cape area have been fishy, with Tuna to slightly over 100 pounds among the porpoise there. Hopefully the fish move our way soon! I did see two purse seiners moving past us heading up on the Pacific side on Friday.
DORADO: As the water warms up the fishing gets better! Almost every trip is producing a few Dorado and just like last week the larger ones have been found offshore. Fish to 40 pounds have been biting lures meant for Striped Marlin and there have been plenty of smaller fish closer to the beach, that is plenty of them if you find the schools, otherwise there sure is a lot of water out there! Finding Frigate birds working was the key to getting the school fish as they could be seen swooping down on the flying fish being chased by the Dorado.
WAHOO: I heard of a few fish being caught but not as many as last week. The warm water helps but we are between moon phases right now. If the water stays warm we should be seeing more Wahoo in about 10 days.
INSHORE: The Roosterfish have not been right on the beach, at least not mid-week, but instead have been found in 80-100 feet of water. Slow trolling live mullet was the key to getting bit on a regular basis, and for those with plenty of Sardinas to chum with, tossing out a live one after chumming around the rocks in the shallows worked on the smaller fish. There were Amberjack and some Snapper (Snapper early in the week before the swells picked up) as well as some grouper found by the fishermen working the bottom or the rocks.
FISH RECIPE: My recipe has been taking too much space so if you want to see it, check out my wordpress blog a little later in the week, or subscribe to the blog and you will receive an email as soon as I post it.
NOTES: The whales are gone, but the fish are showing up, yea!! This weeks report was written to the music of Jeff Beck on his early album “Blow by Blow”. Sure brings back memories! Until next week, tight lines!
I will be posting more to my blog now, please go to and subscribe, you will be sent a notice every time I post a new article. Please feel free to send suggestions or if you have any ideas for articles. Thanks George

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