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(Unknown Angler )
6/21/01 00:05 AM
Kona Hawaii fishing report [Post#: 298 ] Reply to this post

Kona Hawaii fishing report - 6-20-01

Summer is here and so is the summer blue marlin bite so blue marlin tops this months report as the most common catch followed closely by spearfish. Most of the marlin are under 200 lbs. with a big one coming in about every other day. Sounds to me like a good time to put away those huge 130 bent butts and break out the stand-up gear.

The ono bite has turned off. It was fun while it lasted though. There was so much ono meat around town that some fishermen were putting "fresh ono for sale" signs in front of their houses. There were 2 of these on my street alone (not my house). While many of the guys just avoided the ono lanes, I went in with light tackle and practiced catch and release.

Some mahi mahi are still around and the yellowfin tuna bite is picking up. The 100 fathom ledge has been good for the "blind strikes" for both and there's been a porpoise school outside of Kealakekua bay that has been producing some multiple yellowfin hook ups.

The big game bottom fishing bite has picked up slightly. Most of the sharks have moved off and the amberjack and almaco jack are returning. I did find one big shark still hanging around though. Yesterday we photo'd and released a dusky shark of about 450 lbs. that took 1 1/2 hours to get to the boat.

See 'ya on the water ,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,

6/30/01 05:08 AM
Re: Kona Hawaii fishing report new [Post#: 305 / re: 298 ] Reply to this post

nice report!

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