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1/28/02 12:25 PM
Stripers [Post#: 585 ] Reply to this post

Great, & I mean great striper fishing along the Outer Banks of North Carolina on the 27th of January! We started out a bit late but did not miss any of the action. We caught about 15 fish ranging in size from 20 - 30 pounds & brought home only 10 of those (we threw the little fellas back).

2/6/02 02:07 AM
Re: Stripers new [Post#: 600 / re: 585 ] Reply to this post

Hi, How many stripers are you allowed to keep in NC ?? In New Hampshire we are only permitted to keep one fish at 28" or over.

2/11/02 01:10 AM
Re: Stripers new [Post#: 607 / re: 600 ] Reply to this post

2 per person 28" or bigger in the ocean year round. Come on down - the biggest of the season are here now & we have been easily getting our limit most every trip!
Captain Jay Roberson (252)473-1281

3/7/02 05:28 PM
Re: Stripers new [Post#: 651 / re: 607 ] Reply to this post

If you are only allowed 2 stripers per day how come you just finished saying you took 10 HOME and threw the little ones back? Thats why New England gets so few big stripers, you guys catch them all and keep them before they have time to lay their eggs.

3/8/02 11:29 AM
Re: Stripers new [Post#: 653 / re: 651 ] Reply to this post

we run a charter boat and we can have 2 fish for every one on board the boat. we fish 1/2 days you should learn how to catch the big ones then you mite be happy . if not then i will thank about telling you some of my tricks if you fished 200 days year you git good at it, thanks

3/13/02 02:38 AM
Re: Stripers new [Post#: 660 / re: 653 ] Reply to this post

Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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