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7/15/02 07:55 PM
Almost sunk! Be safe Be prepared! [Post#: 847 ] Reply to this post

Our Trip to tip of the Canyon came to a scary halt on Saturday on the 31' "Farskis Fountain" out of Long Beach! 30 miles south of Jones Inlet in 3 to 4 foot seas we stooped to reset the GPS to another heading within 5 minutes we tried to take off to find we were dragging butt and couldn't plain. I glimpsed at the console and first saw the depth gauge showing nothing then I see the two 2000 gal per hour pumps lit up we ran to the back to look into the hull and oh boy much water we were sinking (I assumed we popped a transducer). We all got the emergency gear ready to go into the drink then we began to assist the pumps with buckets. once we got the water level down I began the attempt to plain out the boat and we did (thank God today we were on a plaining hull) every time we got to a 5 mile an hour zone back in the bay area we took on much water! So we didn't slow down again sorry to anybody out there who saw us fly by 8 am Saturday morning but now you understand! I felt I should share my experience and my paranoid preparation I always take on off shore trips. Thank GOD we didn't need it, but after the Hudson Shark Tourney were we lost 4 fellow Fisherman even before that incident I always pack in a water proof pack 1-handheld VHF and 1- hand held GPS also my cell phone (which wont work way out there but if disaster takes place a few miles out you'll be happy you have it) Also keep the life jackets in a floating pack and somewhere on deck if possible. Then be sure to tell everyone on board were all this gear is in case of an emergency and maybe even delegate some duties to the crew. Airlines do an emergency skit before every flight. Captains out there whether in the inlet or 100 miles out should perform their own version of it every time out. Planes run into trouble far less than we fisherman run into our troubles so I think it would be smart. We got the boat back to Grovers Marine were they immediately pulled the boat and its now under a full over haul. Every fixture on that boat will be checked out every new season and only brass will be used! It was the transducer and the coupler it 3" hole. So good luck out there and BE SAFE!

Savage Robalo-23 / Farskis Fountain-31

7/15/02 09:17 PM
Re: Almost sunk! Be safe Be prepared! new [Post#: 848 / re: 847 ] Reply to this post

I read a bunch of posts on different fishing boards and sights. This post you left was pretty interesting since IM out of the South shore also and venture out pretty far. I like your tips on the Hand held gear and am going to use it so Thank you and you should pass the word on maybe to the Long Island Fisherman or Saltwater Sportsman. Paul

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