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"; Jimmy Everett
1/25/05 01:01 AM
Lake Fork [Post#: 1843 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork has been very productive on many days over the last few weeks. Of course it has also had some extremely tough days. The better days have been when it was cold and seemed a little better if you throw some rain in also. The water temp has been in the low fifties and most of my fish have come from in or around grass. It also looks like this will be a great year coming up on Lake Fork.

Shallow water will be the place most will start out. The bass in shallow water are usually easier to catch than the deeper fish. Many baits will work in shallow water this time of year. I try to stay on main lake or just inside major creeks and set up on secondary points that lead to a spawning cove. There will be many types of cover that will hold and attract bass such as trees, docks, and grass. If you can find at least grass you should do good but if you can find timber mixed in you should find even more fish. If fishing the grass beds(2-9 feet) the best baits should be a ½ or ¾ oz lipless vibrating crank bait or a ½ or ¾ oz. Spinner baits. These should be easy to find at bait shops like Axton’s Bass City located right on the lake. My favorite colors are red, orange, and gold/black in the cranks and white and white/chart. on the spinners. Fish these baits at a medium to fast speed letting the bait touch the top of the grass then ripping it out when it gets hung. If you find yourself over deep grass( 7-9 feet ) try a yo-yo retrieve. Other good baits around the grass will be suspending jerk baits in orange/gold/black with a stop and go retrieve with long pauses on the stop of the bait. Fish these over the top of the grass and this bait seems to work best when the water is below 50 degrees. A Gary Yamamoto Senko in watermelon/black core shot or watermelon/Chart. core shot fished in the same places and the same way as the suspending jerk baits will also take there fair share of fish especially when the water is above the 50 degree mark. For those who choose the many stump fields or docks of Lake Fork a Strike Works Jig in ½oz with a matching Gary Yamamoto craw or a Texas rigged Gary Yamamoto will be my baits of choice. My best colors are black /blue on cloudy days and watermelon/red on sunny days. To find the better spots find trees or docks located on another type of structure like a point, creek bend, or grass. This is the way to go if your looking for a monster bass on the other end of your line. This is not as productive as the other mention baits above but it is definitely the way to go for those Lake Fork hawgs.

The shallow bite will be consistently better for most but don’t rule out the deep bite. The bass will group up and be very hard to find but once found with your electronics it can be fishing heaven. Look for schools of fish on main lake points, humps, and drops in 20-30 feet. My best presentations will be a drop shot or Carolina rig. Smaller baits will be the key most of the time in the depths of the cold water. For the drop shot I mainly throw 4.5” Gary Yamamoto cut tail worms or Zoom finesse worms in watermelon/purple, green pumpkin, or watermelon/red. The same colors in a Zoom Super Fluke or Zoom Centipede will produce on the Carolina rig. The main key is to fish extremely slow when you get on a group of fish bunched in deep water. Your electronics will be your best friend when looking for fish in these types of situations.

Lake Fork fishing will only continue to get better and better as the next several months go by. This is a great time to book a trip for this spring. Dates are already filling up so if your interested in booking a trip give me a call at 903-765-3980 or visit me at and email me from the web site.

Good Luck and be safe on the water
Guide Jimmy Everett

Sponsored by: Fun-N-Sun Sporting Centers, Skeeter, Yamaha, Strike Works Tackle, Axtons Bass City

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