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(Unknown Angler )
11/18/00 07:16 PM
Lees Ferry [Post#: 38 ] Reply to this post

Colorado River at Lee's Ferry
November 18, 2000

River Level: 9,500 cfs. Weekends - Weekdays will be high at 17,500 cfs. Water temperature 49.5 degrees

Hatches: The primary hatch here is the midge. Some people say they have documented 40 some species. We don't dispute that, but we successfully fish all year with a white wing black midge and a few grays size 18 and 22. Fish these flies below a variety of stimulators. One of our favorites is the "royal wuff".

Fly Patterns: This Week Fishing Action Fair to Good. Drys - Strongest and wildest fish 14-16" range are feeding vigorously in back waters. Best flies 18-22 parachute midge black/white and a combo dry-drydropper. Royal wuff with 18-22 griffiths nat. Streamers doing well on larger & deeper fish (brown maribou) with with 20' medium sink tip. This method will produce fish until fish decide to spawn. Other Flies used: "Ambassador's Don King" Drys and beadhead pheasant tails with large stimulators & dry dropper early in the day then switch when bite goes deep. Fishing nothing less than 9ft of leader. We like a 5X leader 9' splice on 12' of 6X for stimulator then to 12" - 16" or 7X for dry dropper. If conditions get windy, go back to your 5X and punch out some streamers.

Bring a full sink line (medium sink) a full sink has a smoother castability than a sink tip. Although, Cortland's Lazer 444 15-20' sink tips are very smooth with excellent balance. Fast short strips and long cast 40'(important).

14-Day Forecast: -Larger fish still holding outside and deep on spawning areas. Weather forecasted for low 20's in the a.m, Mostly Sunny and highs 40's to low 50's. For the Up To Date Local Weather -

I believe this years lag in the Spawn is due to all the experimental flows done at Lees Ferry. I have noticed through the years as a Guide (20+) that a steady flow without extremes is best for the wildlife.

This report brought to you by
Bill McBurney, Ambassador Guide Services, Inc.
Lees Ferry ~ Lake Powell

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