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(Unknown Angler )
4/16/01 04:53 PM
Cabo San Lucas Fish Report [Post#: 187 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: We finally got an extremely nice week! It was sunny all week long; just a very light overcast for the last half of the week. The wind blew very strongly starting Monday afternoon but had died off by mid afternoon Tuesday. Gusts were recorded to 64 knots on the Pacific side and 48 knots at Chileno! A lot of the boats cancelled their trips for Tuesday morning but the boats that did go out found good fishing on the Sea of Cortez side near shore. The rest of the week the conditions were near perfect. Temperatures were between 65 and 82 degrees all week and once again we had no rain.

WATER: The Pacific side has continued to be a bit choppy, except for Tuesday, and then it was unfishable! The Sea of Cortez side of the Cape and the area just to the south of the Cape in the current line have continued to have decent water conditions for fishing. The most important consideration this past week was the water temperature. At first we were afraid that the winds on Monday were going to continue and blow more cold water our way. Thank goodness they died down! That gave the warm water a chance to creep back to us. At the beginning of the week we started to see temperatures in the 70’s again, at least on the Sea of Cortez. Temperatures on the Pacific side have remained cool, but as the wind stayed down the warm water moved in from the east. The temperature break has moved as far west as the west side of San Jaime Bank and there appears to be a 5-degree difference between the warm side at about 70-71 degrees and the cool side at 65-66 degrees. The difference is covered in a width as small as two miles.

BAIT: The usual here, larger baits at $2 each with many more Caballito available than Mackerel. Sardinas are once again available now that the water warmed up a bit and the heavy surf conditions died down. Prices on these have been at $20 for a couple of scoops in San Jose and a bit higher here in Cabo San Lucas.


BILLFISH: Good news! With the water temperature warming up and the moon fading towards new we saw an upsurge in the number of Striped Marlin sighted and the number of hookups being reported. Most of these fish were found beginning on Wednesday and the concentration seemed to be 5-10 miles offshore on the Sea of Cortez side. This area had a small temperature break where the warm 70-degree water abutted cooler 65-degree water that held inshore. Many boats reported seeing as many as a dozen Striped Marlin in a trip and quite a few of these fish were traveling in packs of three or more. They were hungry also, and that made it all the more exciting. Hook ups were about evenly split between live bait tossed to tailing fish and fish that came in on lures. At the tail end of the week the fish appeared to have spread out a bit more as the temperature break disappeared. The average size was down; most of the ones I heard about and saw were in the 100-pound range.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Good news in this department also! The Porpoise showed up and the Tuna were with them on Monday, but they were out 40-50 miles. The boats that found them had a hard ride back when the wind started to pick up that afternoon. On Tuesday the boats that went out found the porpoise and fish much closer to home, within that 5-10 mile range of the shore. The bite went wide open on Wednesday and continued throughout the week until Saturday, then they moved a lot further offshore again.. Most of the fish were in the 15-30 pound range but a few were caught that were in the 60 pound to 80 pound range also. Although kept as a secret for the first few days of the week, it didn’t take long for word to get out that Gordo Banks was holding Tuna again, and that the average size was up considerably. Most of the fish that were found early in the week were in the 60-100 pound class but a few up to 200 pounds were reported hooked up also. The fish in the porpoise schools were falling for cedar plugs and feathers in green/black and pink. The fish at Gordo Banks, while larger, were being much more picky and would only bite well on Sardinas, large baits were just not working on them this past week. A few of the boats have started working spreader bars again and are having luck with larger fish outside the edges of the banks and ahead of the Porpoise pods.

DORADO: I wish I could say that the Dorado bite has picked up, but that is not the case. Hopefully it will happen soon but for the time being they have been an incidental catch and most of the fish have been on the small side, averaging just 10-12 pounds. A lot of the ones caught this week were found mixed in with the tuna so they were caught on small feathers. An occasional patch of seaweed showed up. Probably knocked loose up north by the strong swells last week and when these were found the first few boats there had good action on larger Dorado. The bite dropped off a lot as the traffic at the patches increased and if you were the fifth or later boat there you may as well have stayed away! The action was had on both live bait tossed to the patches and later on by chunking the patches after the fish got a bit shy.

WAHOO: What Hoo? Boats wanting to brag about catching something flew the red Wahoo flags I saw a lot of this past week. It turned out that in every instance I came across, the Captain or mate chuckled when I asked them and then admitted that they were flying them for the “Mexican Wahoo”, Sierra! I am sure some boats actually caught Wahoo this past week but I did not come across any personally nor did I hear any second-hand stories of them being found.

INSHORE: Inshore action really fell apart this past week. I don’t know for sure what the problem was, perhaps water temperature, clarity or bait availability, but the action was very slow for the normal inshore species. A fair bite was on for the Sierra, but not red-hot action, to be sure. Roosterfish as well were slow and those that were found were on the small size. Skipjack and Bonito were the exception to the slow inshore bite; there was good action on these fish on the Sea of Cortez side. Yellowtail are not biting as well as they were for the past two weeks and the Snapper action has dropped considerably as well.

NOTES: There is still a lot of Red Crab in the area and at some spots they are so thick that the water is solid red with them. They are in the harbor as well and the Caballito are having a field day feeding on them, almost looks like feeding time at the trout hatchery some evenings! This is Easter week and there are a lot of Mexican families taking holiday at the beach so beach conditions are crowded. The crowds should thin out after the 16th. There have been reports of several Yellowfin in excess of 300 pounds taken by the use of spreader bars. The Whales are almost gone from the area.

Capt George Landrum
“Fly Hooker “ Sportfishing

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