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8/8/05 01:39 PM
Re: Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/5/05 [Post#: 2012 / re: 2002 ] Reply to this post

Hi Capt Gene,

I just returned from Montauk. 07-28 -- 08-07. Unfortunately I didn't get the time to escape the kids for a charter. However, I did manage to bag a bunch of medium Blues out of the surf at Kirk Bch using a 2 oz. crippled herring. Other anglers also caught blues and one guy pulled in a nice size bass. The days were hit or miss with bait gathering about mid tide (Afternoon) to the low tide and lasting until low tide. In the evening while sitting on the deck at the Montauket, I could see piles of bait boiling over and the specultation was porgies or small blues. Essentially, the bait on both the surf and the bay were close enough to cast into or drive up to. A patient shore fisherman or boater could easily fill up if they caught the bait boils.



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