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(Unknown Angler )
10/29/00 05:51 AM
Winter Fishing in Hawaii / Kauai [Post#: 22 ] Reply to this post

Winter in Hawaii / Kauai
Well, it’s almost here, in some places IT is already. In Hawaiian waters, the winter months are less than predictable. There are times when it is hard to find a good bite & there are times where the fish seem to be jumping in the boat.

The bigger tunas are a “Surprise” till towards the end of May. The school size can make a good showing, mostly less than 30 pounds, Yellow Fin & Skipjack.
The Wahoo,(Ono), tend to be lower on the list of “Target” fish but will be found some days if looking for them.
The Mahi-Mahi can be great, not with the smaller ones where ya get dozens but many days we can get over 10 fish with quality sizes.
Off the bottom, the sharks seem to be available if you target them. The GTs & Amberjacks can be had, some days good. You need to check with the boat if you want to work the bottom, most will do it with advanced notice.

And of course, the Blue Marlin…In the winter months they can make a strong showing, often the smaller males will be the ones behind our boats. Some BIG ones will show when THEY want to.
The Stripe Marlin & Short Nosed Spearfish can put in some pretty good numbers some weeks.

All in All, if your coming anyway, Ya might have a Great day on the Ocean. Just keep in mind that it might only be A Great day on the water. It could turn into one of the best days you have spent.

The Humpback Whales will be here from December thru April, Jan. & Feb. being best, often on the fishing boats we get some very good shows during the day.

It looks like the ElNino / LaNina thing seems to be going away, it might be a “Normal” Spring / Summer, Start planning your trip early so you can set up the trip YOU want. Most Captains will customize private charters for you with advanced notice.

If you do come & fish in Hawaii, make sure you talk with the captain that will be on the boat you will be on, this will save confusion as to what you sign up for.
Also, the weather can change from week to week or even daily, reserve the day for the begging of your stay so you can reschedule if the weather picks up.


Captain Danny Waugh
Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai Inc.
Toll Free – 877-887-0412 ~

Capt. Dan
Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai Inc. toll free 877-887-0412

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