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6/11/01 03:26 PM
Cabo Fish Report [Post#: 278 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: I sure wish the wind would make up its mind and settle down. Then again maybe it has and what we have experiencing is going to be a pattern all summer! God, I sure hope not! We have been having several good, calm days followed by twice as many days with strong winds from the west. On Friday this started again. There was a heavy fog bank that moved in and by noon the wind had started to howl. This followed three days of calm weather that had given the water a chance to clear up and warm up. Oh well, we will have to keep our fingers crossed. Daytime temperatures reached up into the high 90’s at times and the lows in the evenings got down to the low 70’s to a reported 66-degree period on Thursday evening. No rain all week that could be measured although we did get enough of a sprinkle on Thursday afternoon to stipple the dust on windshields. We could see the cloud this came from dropping what looked to be a fair quantity of water up towards Todos Santos.

WATER: The beginning of the week saw cool green water almost all the way up the Sea of Cortez to Punta Gordo, blue water was not found until you were almost to Los Frailles or out 45 to 50 miles to the southeast. When the wind died down the warm water began to move in and it warmed up quite a bit. Instead of the high 60’s and low 70’s in front of the Cape, we were managing to get readings in the high 70’s with reports of water up to 82 degrees. The surface conditions on the Pacific were fair midweek but very choppy the rest of the week and were good all week on the Sea of Cortez.

BAIT: Caballito and Mackerel were available all week and there are now Mullet available for those wanting to target Roosterfish. These larger baits are the usual $2 each. I have had no reports on the availability of Sardinas during the past week.


BILLFISH: Good news was that there were lots of Striped Marlin available this week. The bad news was that both early and late in the week it was a run of almost 50 miles each way to get to them. Luckily the mid-week fishing was a lot closer, right in front of home as a matter of fact. The heavy winds early and late in the week had a very negative effect on the Marlin, as the wind pushed in cool green water from the Pacific. Another negative was the full moon we had on the 6th, the fish were feeding all night and were stuffed during the day. The large majority of fish found had no interest in any live bait early in the week and it was not until three days past the full moon that the situation appeared to change.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: This has been a non existent fish for us the week. I have heard of very few being caught since the Purse-Seiners cleaned up a couple weeks ago.

WAHOO: Nada, probably due to the green water from the winds.

INSHORE: The Roosterfishing is beginning to warm up, the fish are getting a bit larger and more spread out. Live Mullet are the ticket for these fighters. Some large 5-10 lb Sierra are still being found along with a few nice size Amberjack. Mid week the Striped Marlin were close enough in that quite a few were caught by the Pangas. And don’t forget the Dorado!

Until Next week, Tight lines,

George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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