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"; Capt Geo
1/2/12 04:44 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 2968 ] Reply to this post

Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
December 26, 2011 January 2, 2012

WEATHER: It was a great start to the new year as our high on the 1st was 92 degrees here at home. Our low for the day was a balmy 78 degrees. The week started out slightly cooler but warmed as the week went along. The skies also started to clear up and we had a full day of sunshine to begin the new year.
WATER: Swells on the Pacific side were small at 2-5 feet and even smaller on the Cortez side at 1-3 feet. The water in the Sea of Cortez was a steady 74 degrees except for a small area around the Gorda Banks that was 72 degrees and slightly green. Right in front of the Cape t was a warmer 76 degrees and a plume of this warmer water ran up the coastline on the Pacific side for about 10 miles and offshore about 8 miles. From there the warm water continued on a slightly cooler note, around 74 degrees for another 10-15 miles and out about 2 miles. There was an area of cooler water that ran from the north side of the Golden Gate to the south of the San Jaime Banks at the 1,000 fathom line that was slightly green and 71 degrees.
BAIT: Same as last week, some Caballito and a few Mackerel were to be had at $3 per bait, mostly boats were getting junk bait for their money so many were going with frozen Ballyhoo instead. There were some Sardinas at $25-$30 a scoop as well.
BILLFISH: We finally had a few days of really good Striped Marlin fishing at the beginning of the week, a few boats released double digit numbers. These fish were just offshore up past the Golden Gate Bank. There were feeders and tailers, all eating Mackerel. About the only way to get these numbers of fish was to catch your own bait on the spot as they were pretty much fixated on these baits. There were good numbers of mackerel the first day the fish were found but the numbers dropped for the next two days ad so did the numbers of fish caught, down to between five and no fish after 3 days. Hopefully more bait and more fish will work their way down towards us soon.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: Most boat after Tuna were heading out 25-35 miles at 190-210 degrees, out where the warmer water was at the beginning of the week. There were good numbers of fish out there, some to 60 pounds but most of them in the 20-25 pound class. Limits were possible and many anglers were able to do very well. We found a school between the lighthouse and Golden Gate Bank that had a good mix of fish and caught 8 them between 12 and 40 pounds. A few boats did very well using Sardines but most were using cedar plugs and small lures. When things got tough spreader bars worked and so did very small red hootchies.
DORADO: It's hard to believe but there is still a decent Dorado bite out there. The key s to fish just off of the beach on the Pacific side until you catch one, then slow troll the area with live bait. Some boats are continuing to catch limits using this method. Boats that are sticking to just lures are catching a few as well, but not nearly as many. An average size fish this past week was about 15 pounds. There were also Dorado to be found off of Palmilla and Gray Rock on the Cortez side.
WAHOO: I saw a couple of Wahoo flags flying this week but there is a distinct possibility they were for Sierra as I did not hear of any Wahoo caught.
INSHORE: There was no change in the inshore report this week as the Sierra bite continues to develop on the Pacific side, the Snapper are still biting in among the rocks on the Pacific side and there are a few more Yellowtail caught every day. There were a couple of days early in the week when big Roosterfish were reported up in the Red Hill area on the Cortez side but that bite only lasted two days, then the fish disappeared.
FISH RECIPE: Sometimes posted on the blog Thursday or Friday.
NOTES: It is a great start to the new year as the fishing continues to improve along with the weather. The whales are making their seasonal showing so there is always that bonus on a fishing trip. FYI, the cost of a daily fishing license has increased to 148 pesos, this price increase went into effect Dec. 26th with no notice.
We hope everyone had a safe and happy start to the new year! Until next week, tight lines!

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