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"; George Lnadrum
7/9/01 04:50 PM
Cabo fish Report [Post#: 321 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: All right, looks like it might get a little monotonous for the next couple of months! We are into the summer thing here in Cabo, and this is the time of year when the fishing gets better but the temperatures start to climb and the humidity follows. We had almost zero cloud cover this week and the temperature remained in the 90’s during the day and the humidity stayed about the 50% range most of the time. From what my father has told me it sounds real similar to what he is experiencing in Oklahoma City, only without the chiggers and the traffic. (Don’t know what a chigger is? Lucky you!) The evenings have offered a little relief as the temperature dropped about 10-12 degrees and unless we experienced a good evening breeze we were turning on the air conditioning every night!

WATER: Surface conditions on the Sea of Cortez have been absolutely beautiful, and on the Pacific side have been very good up until about noon each day, that is when the breezes have kicked in and chopped things up quite a bit. Water temperatures have warmed up considerably as we are finding blue water registering in the 82-83 degree range as close as 12 miles off shore on the Sea of Cortez. The temps on the Pacific side have been a bit cooler and we are finding some hot spots up to 78 degrees on San Jaime and southwest of there. Inshore off the Cape we are seeing green, cool water. This water is cool but is holding a lot of fish where the warmer blue water further offshore has been pretty barren.

BAIT: Lots of bait around this week and yesterday we had a very large school of Mackerel move into the harbor. All the bait we got today was Mackerel; earlier in the week it was Caballito. Normal prices at $2 per bait and I have no reports of Sardinas availability this week.


BILLFISH: It appears that we are in the transition stage for the Billfish. The water is starting to warm up and the Blue Marlin are beginning to show up. As a result the Striped Marlin, which seem to prefer the water a bit cooler than the Blues, are starting to move out. A lot of Striped Marlin were seen this week and the sighting ranged from 25 miles out to just outside the Marina, there seemed to be no fixed area each and every day. The bite on the fish has improved and there are Blue Marlin beginning to show up. A friend of mine who makes Hi-5 lures here in Cabo went out yesterday (Saturday) and they caught a Blue Marlin estimated at 550 pounds. I have heard a number of other reports of nice Blue Marlin being taken this week. Most of the fish, both Striped and Blue Marlin, have been taken on lures.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Nothing to report for this week. I have heard unsubstantiated rumors that the San Jaime has had a number of very nice 100-pound plus fish taken from boats working the drops with large live baits off of downriggers. I say unsubstantiated because the boats I have heard this from are private boats and they have shown me none of the fish! Any other Yellowfin I have heard about have been small fish taken from the Gordo by just a few boats. PLEASE let there be Tuna soon!

DORADO: They are still coming in, just as I reported last week, the bite is getting better. A few of the boats are getting two or three per trip, a lot of the boats are getting none. Just goes to show you that the right place at the right time can do wonders for your stats! The fish have been found all over and are mostly being caught on lures intended for Marlin. Average size has been 18 pounds.

WAHOO: Must be a moon phase thing, I’ll let you know after the next new moon!

INSHORE: Very slow for the most part and the fish that have been found in concentrations have been found up the Sea of Cortez. Punta Gordo and north to the East Cape seem to have had the most action from Roosterfish and everything else has been in a bit of a slump. There has been fairly consistent action with the Bonito just outside, but that has been about it. See my note below!

NOTES: This is where I try and mention a few items that might be of interest. One of these items is the capture of a Snook by Capt. Francisco on the Panga the “Salsa”. Francisco was able to hookup his client to a fish that tipped three scales at 49 pounds. The fish was almost as large as Francisco! The line test was 15-pound and if the fish had been weighed on a certified scale and all the details had been in order this would have beaten the old world record by about 24 pounds! The fish was caught on live bait on the second rock pile to the Pacific side of the Cape.
Another item of interest is that the peso has gotten stronger against the dollar and we have lost the buying power to the tune of 10%. Add that to the fact that everyone here in Cabo increased their prices by 10% at the beginning of the year and stir in the fact that the Mexican Government has raised the cost of Diesel fuel by 35% in the last 40 days and I think it would not be surprising to see an increase in the costs of a fishing charter in Cabo in the very near future.

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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