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"; gmlandrum
9/24/01 05:17 PM
Cabo Fishing Report [Post#: 438 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: Sunny skies all week long with the temperatures climbing as the days
progressed. High temperatures were in the 90”s by Saturday and the lows in the
evenings were down in the low 80”s. No rain and the prevailing winds were light from
the N.W. in the mornings and picking up to strong breezes in the afternoons. (it’s over)

WATER: Early in the week the Pacific side of the Cape had large swells, flattening out
mid week and picking up again Friday. The waters on the Sea of Cortez remained calm
all week, calm and warm! We were recording temperatures between 86-89 degrees
everywhere we went. There has been a 15-18 mile wide band of this warm water
running from the Cape up the Pacific side and out to San Jaime and Golden Banks.
Water on either side of this warm band is in the 82-85 degree range and a little further
north it drops below 80 degrees. (only the lonely)

BAIT: Caballito at $2 per bait has been readily available and Mullet can be had with
prior arrangements made. I did not hear of anyone in Cabo getting Sardinas this week.
(running scared)


BILLFISH: Ah, a very good week for those wanting to hook into a Marlin! There was
action every day on Blue and Striped Marlin and for a couple of days there were a lot of
Sailfish off of Cabo Falso. It seemed as if most of the Blue Marlin were found south of
Lands End and up the Sea of Cortez while most of the Striped Marlin were on the
Pacific side. The fish were found on the edge of the warm water current line and were
caught on a mix of live bait and lures. A few Blue Marlin in excess of 600 pounds were
reported but most of them seemed to be in the 200-300 pound range. Striped Marlin
were averaging 120 pounds. The Sailfish action was concentrated just 3 miles offshore
and there were reports of groups of 10-12 fish at a time coming up into the spreads.
Some of the boats were hooking up over half of the fish they saw come in! Great action
for Tuesday and Wednesday. (crying)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: On Tuesday a pod of Porpoise was found off of Cabo Falso that
delivered Yellowfin ranging in size from #40 to #150. This was just on the northern
edge of the warm water current. Other Porpoise delivered fish in the football size to
#60 range and a few football Tuna were found near shore. Gordo Banks appears to be
putting out a few nice fish again but that is really a timing thing due to the very warm
surface water. Porpoise associated Tuna were caught on lures and Live bait was the
key at Gordo Banks. (oh, pretty woman)

DORADO: The concentration seems to have been Nearshore on the Pacific side of the
Cape. Feathers in the 6” size and slow trolled live bait were the best bet and most of
the fish were on the smaller side at 10-12 pounds. A few large fish in the 50-60 pound
range were caught also and these were almost always lure caught fish. Almost
everyone had a chance to go home with plenty of fillets. (beautiful pretender)

WAHOO: San Jaime and Golden Gate banks along with the ledge off of Cabo Falso
delivered scattered Wahoo in the 30-50 pound category. Islander lures and 12” Marlin
lures worked well since most of these fish were incidental catches. (dream)

NEARSHORE: Roosterfish action has died down and Snapper catches have risen this
week, however most of the boats have been targeting Dorado. Scattered Tuna action
and an occasional Marlin made Panga fishing a good bet for variety. (workin’ for the

NOTES: Thanks for the musical notes responses, this weeks musical note is C Sharp!
Written to the wonderful voice of Roy Orbison on the 1994 Readers Digest “His
Greatest Hits and Finest Performances” CD set. (all I have to do is Dream)

Until next week, Tight Lines,
Capt George Landrum

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