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8/8/02 04:38 AM
Striped Bass/ Fluke action [Post#: 877 ] Reply to this post

What a great and beautiful day. Wednesday, August 7th the winds were out of the North and the temps were in the low 80s with 0 humidity! The cool down seemed to put the strippers on a bite. We set out on the Savage Robalo 6am to see the clam boats working the ocean beaches. We set up behind one and within the second dump (that's when the clam boat empties the drag net and the overflow and crushed clams go back in the drink) we hooked up with a nice 30 inch bass right then we drop over the side a bucket of clam chum and start fishing. It was non stop action for 2 and a half hours. After fulfilling our limit with select cows up to 30 lbs we switched over to fluke with a trip to the West end ocean off the long beach round house we went to one of our consistent hot spots in about 50' of water to pick at some small fish. Knowing we just had this big cool down I set into shallower water in 30' to 40'. The action was also non stop with every other fish a keeper. We were throwing back 18 and 19 inch fish and limited out on 20 plus inch fish to 6 lbs. The flukeing is hot hot hot in this spot all summer. Unfortunately the VHF will never unveil this info so you gotta just go for it and when you get there you'll see a small fleet everyday all day.and your fish finder is key look for obstructions and bottom changes for best results. Have fun and be safe out there.

Vessel's: Savage Robalo-23 / Farskis Fountain-31

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